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  • Is it worth to become a librarian nowsays? Join a discussion „Rock&Roll bibliotekininkas 2010“ to discuss topics: what kind of a librarian is needed nowdays? Why do we still scarge for owerdues? What makes a library attractive, etc.? Join a social network http://bibliotekininkas.crowdvine.com

  • Members of the Lithuanian Librarians Association visited the European Parliament library on September 12-16. More in Lithuanian...

  • The Lithuanian Librarians Association was nominated a grant of IFLA to participate in the project  „Building Strong Library Associations“. First meeting with the coordinator Fiona Bradley and former president of IFLA Claudia Lux was during the seminaro n July 1-2 in Vilnius.

  • A meeting for Lithuanian Seigniors librarians was organised at the G. Petkevičaitė-Bitė public library in Panevėžys on May 28.

  • All state event “National Library Week” on April 23-30. The logo of the week: “Library ids yours”. More about local events: More in Lithuanian...

  • Annual conference of the Lithuanian Librarians‘ association on April 30.

  • 11th international Vilnius book fair on February 18-21.




 12 d. publishing house “Versme” invited the LLA to participate in a project “A Millenium Road of a Book Across Lithuania” to promote and donate books across the country.

More in Lithuanian...

16 d. during protest meeting together with trade unions demands for the Government of Lithuania were turned in


 12-15 d. Baltic Book Fair/10th International Vilnius Book Fair. LITEXPO, Vilnius

 12 d. the Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators awarded the Companion Prize to the Adomas Mickevičius public library for the contribution to the art of literary translation, to its popularization and dissemination. More in Lithuanian...


 23-30 d. the National Library week with the title: “Ask a Libraraian”.

 MEP Eugenijus Maldeikis supports a project to collect books for libraries in Lithuania. More in Lithuanian...


 11 d. at the extended meeting with the the Committee of Education, Science and Culture of the Parlament most important topic of librarianship were discussed

 23 d. a board of the LLA met with Janet Sawaya, a newly ellected programme director of the Bill and Melinda Gates fundation. New programme to consolidate library associations was discussed. More in Lithuanian...


 Call for proposals for the best department of the LLA was announced. Regulations in Lithuanian...





31 d. 7th Congress of the LLA in Marijampolė.

Papers in Lithuanian

Resolution in Lithuanian

21-24 d. Vilnius Book Fair. Litexpo, Vilnius.


21-27 d. the National Library week with the title: “Read, Get Free, Get Improved”. More in Lithuanian...

More about local events...

 During the National Library Week an action “Poverty Zone” was arranged in libraries. Signatures for better salaries, better funding and renovation for libraries were collected.

Respect for rural librarians. In Šiauliai District Povilas Višinskis public library an action “A Book from Your Hands” to give a respect for rural librarians was organised. More in Lithuanian...

 28 d. Award the Best Librarian of the Year 2007. Aušra Vaškevičienė was nominated for the input creating information society and developing library system, Audronė Glosienė was nominated a name of the best leader of a library. More in Lithuanian...


 22 d. the LLA organised forum with political parties Lithuanian “Libraries Within a Politics of Culture”. Programme in Lithuanian...


 10-16 d. Nordic Library Week “Love for Nordic Countries”


 10 d. the LLA together with other NGO of librarians and trade unions met with the Committee of Education, Science and Culture of the Parlament to discuss the salary and acquisition improvement.

 18 d. the LLA turned in an appeal for the President of Lithuania to use the sign of millenium in all events, organised by libraries in Lithuania




 18 d. Conference of the LLA in Birštonas

 29 d. Vilnius Book Fair in LITEXPO, Vilnius


 23-30 d. all state event “National Library Week” with the title: “Library is a New Passion in Your Life”. More about local events...

 23 d. The Best Librarian of the Year Award ceremony took place at the Ministry of Culture. The winners: Meile Kretavičienė (The Best Librarian of the Year) - library director of Kaunas University of Medicine, Juratė Malasauskienė (Inducement Award) - library director of Vilnius College of Construction and Design and Birutė Butkevičienė (Inducement Award) - deputy director of Vilnius University Library.


 6 d. Awards of “Naujasis knygnešys” for the merit to the information society. More about the event in Lithuanian...

 13 d. Meeting with the Government representatives to discuss the salaries for librarians



February 22-26

Baltic Book Fair / Vilnius Book Fair, Litexpo, Vilnius.

February 23 d.

         Baltic Book Fair/Vilnius Book Fair. On the same day Annual Conference of the LLA was organised in the same LITEXPO palace in Vilnius.

         Resolution was accepted

April 23-30

All state event “National Library Week”. More about local events...

April 12 d.

         In Pakruojis city Žemyna secondary school a conference “Is a School Librarian Also a Teacher?” of Lithaunian school librarians was organised

May 23-25

12th annual conference on professional information resources INFORUM 2006, Prague, Czeck Republic.

June 10-18

13th International Conference Libraries and Information Resources in the Modern World of Science, Culture, Education and Business, Sudak, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine.

June 22-28

 American Library Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA.

July 4-8

LIBER Conference in Uppsala, Sweden.

August 20-24

World Library and Information Congress: 72nd IFLA General Conference and Council  Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society, Seoul, Korea.

October 4-8

Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.

October 11-14

ICOLC Fall'2006 Conference,  Florence, Italy.


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